Dual Catch Can kit by WXM

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By design, the LS and LT engines relieve their crank case pressure by ingesting the air, using the intake tract to create a vacuum.  The downside of this relief is the air being pulled from the engine often has oil and condensation that collects on the intake manifold and supercharger as you can see in the pictures.  

We started out with a wildly popular story about this a couple of years ago and offered a solution for this.  We have taken this one step further by designing our own kit to mouth under the strut tower brace so it works with all intakes.   There is an auto and manual version and unlike before, now comes complete with all of the lines and hardware needed to mount them.  The drain lines run under the car and can easily be emptied with each oil change without the need to get to the bottom of the cans.  They're powder coated and ready to install!

The line from the valve covers tees off the engine and goes to the clean side can and out to the intake and the line from the valley cover goes to the dirty side can and out to the side of the supercharger snout.  Easy! 

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