2017 Cadillac CTS-V receiving the WEAPON-X V850 package

Robert G's 2017 Cadillac CTS-V will be receiving the WEAPON-X V850 package.

This includes the WEAPON-X Stage 2 CTS-V3 Carbon intake, ported 103mm billet TB, WEAPON-X Stage 3 LT4-V ported blower, WEAPON-X Stage 2 Cylinder Heads, ARP Head Stud kit, WEAPON-X Stage 3 Camshaft, WEAPON-X Stage 4 Pulley Kit, SW Headers & Valved Exhaust, DS Carbon Driveshaft, WEAPON-X V3 Triple XXX Cooler Kit, WEAPON-X Trunk Mount Cooler Tank, WEAPON-X 160 Thermostat, and fresh plugs/wires/coils. 

Stay tuned for videos and pictures illustrating this build! 


We've begun the breakdown process. Perfect time to fit the new WEAPON-X Valve Covers. 


Here we see this LT4 powerhouse completely broke down. One of the only times you'll be able to see right through a 2017 CTS-V LT4 block. 


Carbon fiber 1 piece drive shaft installed. 


WEAPON-X Triple X Heat Exchanger system installed. This revolutionary HX system has shown to cool the LT4 pull after pull at a rate of 5x vs the stock hx system. Not only that, this Triple X system offers a 154% increase in cooling volume which equates to the IAT's never reaching the temperatures that they do with the stock system. 


Isn't that just purdy! The SW V3 headers & exhaust system are installed & ready to help open this LT4 power house up! Not to mention, with the mild lopeyness of the cam, this exhaust really adds to the tone of the car. Listen below. 


First Start up! Don't mind the smoke - That is related to the brand new exhaust burning off the residue that comes from the factory. 


Thomas said on March 19, 2017:

I have a stock 16 v3 and I’m interested in upgrades. What

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