Callies Crankshaft - Magnum XL



Callies has once again established a new standard for lightweight crankshafts. Magnum XL lightening profiles result in crankshafts having extremely high strength to weight ratios. Material is carefully removed from non-stressed areas of each shaft to eliminate parasitic weight. The Callies Magnum XL profile is effective at minimizing windage within the crankcase atmosphere. Oil control is improved by not relying on counterweight undercutting to eliminate weight.

All Magnum XL crankshafts feature the Callies Ultra-Case nitride treatment. This heat treatment method produces a deep case that enhances strength while creating an extremely hard load bearing wear surface. The Ultra-Case process generates a layer of hardened steel deep enough to maintain its integrity even after a -.010 regrind.

Each main and rod journal is drilled for weight reduction and throttle response improvement.

Magnum XL Lightening Profiles
Our unique Magnum XL lightening profiles were developed to optimize material distribution for enhanced strength, superior bearing load reduction, and consistent balance.

Sprint Car Specific 4 Bolt Flange
The first crankshaft designed for direct drive sprint cars has won races and acclaim since its release. These unique shafts benefit from extensive weight removal in the post and flange areas. The post is tapped to accommodate a standard Callies stud.

Big Block Post 
Big Block or Small Block diameters can be ordered for the damper and gear fit area on your Small Block Chevy crank. Dual key-ways can be specified if needed.

LS1 Tone Wheel
GM LS Series Magnum XL cranks are available with tone wheels for Gen III and Gen IV through 2005, or the billet version for late model LS2 – LS7 engines.

Balancing included 
Magnum XL crankshafts are shipped fully balanced to your exact assembly weight without drilling. These shafts are available in many custom configurations. Your order will be processed specifically to meet your needs.

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