TCI LSA Flex plate SFI Approved




SFI 29.1 Approved Flexplate (GM LSA Engine)

This new series of flexplates is designed to prevent cracking and ring breakage in high performance GM LS9/LSA & Ford Modular 4.6/5.4 w/ 8-bolt crank applications. These flexplates are SFI 29.1-approved and made from premium A36 steel plate material, which is much stronger than the factory originals. They also feature a heavy-duty ring gear for added strength. Each flexplate is electro-coated to eliminate damaging elements and vibrations and is also dynamically balanced with factory bolt sizes.

SFI 29.1-approved for GM LS9/LSA & Ford Modular 4.6/5.4 w/ 8-bolt crank engines

Precision-ground A36 steel plate material is much thicker & stronger than the original factory flexplates

Electro-coated & dynamically balanced w/ OE bolt sizes

A Custom Tune package is a must for this trans and makes a huge difference in the performance.  This takes a few hours to "Dial in" .  We will do this for you using your HP Tuners.

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