Hawk LTS Brake Pads - Rear



2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray enthusiasts love the stopping power of the massive Brembo brakes that come standard on the car, but dread the amount of brake dust the stock pads cast on the wheels and might not want the ceramic pads.  You can get better performance and wear with less brake dust from the Hawk LTS pads.  


Hawk Performance brand disk brake pads products are owned and manufactured by Wellman Products Group, the world's leader in severe-duty friction products. For nearly a century Wellman Products Group has engineered and manufactured severe-duty friction products for brakes, clutches, transmissions, and driveline components. Wherever there is acceleration or deceleration, you'll find Wellman Products Group.

Wellman Products Group is renowned for providing engineered solutions to original equipment and aftermarket customers for products that perform in demanding aerospace, on-highway truck, agriculture, construction, mining, power sports, motor sports, automotive, military, industrial, and specialty applications. With our exceptional research and development programs, we can provide friction materials designed to improve power management for any friction application.

Wellman Products Group introduced Hawk Performance high performance disc brake pads into the motor sports arena more than 15 years ago and the brand has outperformed the competition and gained a loyal race and street following.

Hawk Performance - Race Proven. Street Legal.


  • Hawk LTS Brake Pads utilize specialized ferro-carbon pad technology to provide superior stopping power for your full-sized truck or SUV
  • Expertly dissipates the higher temperatures of your brake system far better than stock pads
  • Hawk LTS Brake Pads muffle braking noise to an absolute minimum for such a high-performance pad
  • Keeps your wheels cleaner with significantly less dust than a stock pad
  • Hawk LTS Brake Pads boast superior brake fade resistance for consistent stopping bite every time you hit the brakes
  • Provides the best of many worlds with enhanced performance and excellent pad life, keeping your rig on the road longer
  • Directly replaces tired stock pads—no installation hassles
  • Your Hawk LTS Brake Pads are covered by a Lifetime Warranty


Your towering truck or surly SUV rules the road. But, the big automakers may have shortchanged your rig on stopping power. Leave it to Hawk Performance and their all-new LTS Brake Pads to put plenty of braking bite back into your big dog.

Hawk LTS Brake Pads handle the heat generated by the your truck or SUV's big brakes. Unlike stock pads that are plagued by brake fade, Hawk LTS Brake Pads are specially designed to resist fade and provide consistent grip stop after stop. Hawk LTS Brake Pads can do this by dissipating heat better than any other severe duty pad.

While they're big on performance, Hawk LTS Brake Pads are small on two of your least favorite brake nuisances: dust and noise. In fact, Hawk LTS Brake Pads are extremely quiet for a performance pad and keep your wheels cleaner longer. Best yet, your Hawk LTS Brake Pads boast a Lifetime Warranty.


  • All Hawk Performance Brake Pads are burnished at the factory. However, for maximum performance, each Hawk Brake Pad should be bedded-in with your rotors (new or used). Bedding instructions are included with the pads.

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