JRI Coil Over Suspension



JRI Shocks develops the worlds most comprehensive and multi adjustable true coilover system for the Cadillac CTS-V. The CTS-V is a heavy car, with that in mind this system is a no holds bars coil over kit that has been developed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of real racing and motorsports with the intent on bringing the best coilover system to market.

JRI Shocks has an incredible reputation and has used their expertise to help bring forth a this new groundbreaking product. The Competition Coilover System will allow the user a seemingly infinite amount of adjustment to high speed and low speed settings, thus allowing you to create ideal traction conditions in not so ideal track conditions.

Furthermore JRI offers additional spring rates and custom gas pressure options for special racing requirements. So when competition is at its highest degree, and only mere fractions of a second count, this system will be there for you. 

The system focuses on the following:

  • Reducing breakaway seal friction or stiction.
  • Reducing internal gas spring rate and rod force.
  • Reducing friction in running and side loaded conditions.
  • Increasing dynamic response in higher frequencies.
  • Reducing hysteresis.

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