M&H Tires 325/45r17 for Coupe

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Want a light weight 17" rim and tire combination for your drag racing needs?  We were the first to work with Weld on the fitment for the CTS V.  The Weld RTS 17" rim fits without modification on your 2009+ Cadillac CTS V and this M&H drag radial fits well on that rim.  

Many innovative applications were integrated into this new web site in order to better serve your online experience. MandHtires.com / Hashim's Inc. has taken great pride in distributing the highest quality drag racing tires since the early 1950's. MandHTires.com / Hashim's Inc. is your direct source for the greatest drag racing tires in the world!

MandHtires.com / Hashim's Inc. has always believed in the 3 S's:

SERVICE -- We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the drag racing industry.
SIZING -- Each pair of tires is professionally sized.
SATISFACTION - We strive to provide customer satisfaction on each and every order.

Along with providing the greatest drag racing tires, in 2004 we were pleased to announce the addition of the most aggressive motocross tire in the world, the Tera-Flex, to our product line.

MandHtires.com / Hashim's Inc. would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and support throughout the years. We will continue to strive for excellence!

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