wXm Trap Star Cam III

Comp Cams


Comp Cams is the absolute leader in valve train technology for over thirty years. It's no wonder with the quality and technology they put into every component they build. Comp Cams builds some of the world's best camshafts, lifters, rocker arms and valve springs.  That's why so many top engine builders choose and rely on Comp Cams to help build the horsepower and torque they are after. 
The wXm Trap Star cam is still a street car cam and doesn't require an aftermarket converter... it's the most aggressive choppy cam offered that has two goals in mind, streetability and maximum performance.  You won't be hiding anything with this cam, but your presence will be noted in the record books if you're a true driver!
231/248, under .620 lift, 120 LSA

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